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Founded in 2004, Silkroads association aims at creating and developing a strong Franco-Chinese network composed of students from the Grandes Ecoles of ParisTech and Chinese best universities.

Silkroads is one of the first international students association to offer activities which increase people awareness of cultural integration issues. Our purpose is to make opinions about "the others" evolve, in a professional as well as in a personal propect.

During the last years, the number of cross-cultural management theories has been increasing. This is the sign of a growing interest in these kind of issues, which are crucial in international management, negotiation, and more generally, communication. However, although we regard them as useful tools and supports, we tend to think that they are not sufficient to address cross-cultural issues. Sharing ideas, experiencing life "the other way" are necessary to understand them. It takes a proactive behaviour as well as a patient and attentive attitude. Therefore, we do our best to design and organize activities which may help us to build a strong relationship between French and Chinese cultures and make a few steps towards a better understanding.